ZOOMONME is one of the greatest modeling and photography studio galleries online featuring some of Shaun Alexander’s most recent discoveries and new models by presenting their headshots, modeling portfolios, zed cards or videos.
Established in 1999, ZOOMONME was created due to Shaun’s love and passion to help and seek fresh talent, showcasing and upholding his newest finds and talent as a Los Angeles photographer internationally through his substantial connections in the modeling and film industry.

Modeling portfolios

Portfolios for Fashion Models and Actors

The website embodies a perfect collaboration between his two passions, “photography” and “discovering new faces” and at the same time helping those young Hollywood hopefuls with the right tools, guidance and expertise.
Shaun’s exceptional style has been acclaimed and celebrated by his contemporaries and he has earned the respect of many famous personalities. As a universally recognized fashion photographer, he has worked with some of the hottest fashion models, celebrities and advertising companies throughout the world.

photography studio LA

Top photography studio in Los Angeles

One of the oldest and most renowned headshot studios in Tinseltown and LA, Shaun Alexander Photography studio in Los Angeles provides amazing headshots and portfolios as well as the proper supervision and management for thousands of actors and models aspiring fame and stardom in Hollywood.

Los Angeles photography studios

Los Angeles professional photography studio

In the years 1988 to 1995, Shaun owned the most successful modeling and talent boutique agencies in Los Angeles, but later he moved to New York in pursuit of his true passion, Fashion photography, and from there he continued to grow his notable reputation and list of contacts in the fashion industry.

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From Paris, Milan, London, New York and Los Angeles expands Shaun’s alliance with modeling agencies, and fashion models around the globe.